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Five Examples Of Zambian Kalindula Music

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This post provides information & comments about Kalindula music and showcases five sound files and video examples of this Zambian music genre.

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"Kalindula is a kind of bass guitar which gives its name to a style of popular music in southern-central Africa. It originated in the late 20th century and is popular in Zambia and is also found in Malawi and Zimbabwe. Some people claim it originated in the Democratic Republic of Congo but this cannot be fully supported by the evidence. It combines features of 20th century popular music with rhythmic and metric elements.

The kalindula musical style is characterized by an up-tempo rhythm and, in addition to the kalindula bass guitar, one or more hand-crafted guitars which are called 'banjos' (pronounced locally as 'bahn-jo'). Homemade drum sets are also used in some kalindula bands. Kalindula bands in urban areas often incorporate electric guitars, electric bass and modern drum sets into their ensembles.

In the Southern Province of Zambia, kalindula bands compete to participate in the annual Tonga Music Festival sponsored by Chikuni Radio station. Winning groups are offered recording contracts by the radio station and their tapes are sold in markets throughout the province."...
Additional information is given in some of the example summaries found below.

These examples are presented in chronological order by their publishing date with the example with the oldest date given first.

Example #1: Tribute to ISAAC MULINDA DR ZAMBIA and Kalindula Music

Dance Kalindula with me, Uploaded on May 20, 2009

Isaac Mulinda was Zambia's most top rated Djs who devoted most of career as a radio broadcaster to Zambian Music.He made a name for himself due to his love for popular Kalindula music. His stage name was the later changed to Dr.Zambia. He produced and presented Zambia HIT Parade on ZNBC Radio 2 which was a late late radio show where 9 in 10 radio listeners would be glued to his Kalindula spins and groves.A few weeks before his untimely death, Dr. Zambia appeared on ZNBC TV smooth talk program where he was asked what his legacy would be in Zambia's music. He said, "Upcoming young Zambian musicians lack originality by deviating from the original Zambian style of Kalindula and the legacy is to keep the ORIGINALITY OF KALINDULA music alive through out many generations."

Indeed we have witnessed the the emergent of young Zambian musician whose composition of music depends on computers and other mp3 audio combination with no Zambian originality of Kalindula. The words of Isaac were true and have come to pass. Isaac Mulinda to many Zambians, he was an unsung hero whose legacy converted many Zambians to loving their own music roots and with moral values and traditional education. In this compilation and selection in this video, It featured some of the great pioneer Zambian musicians that Dr. Zambia was blasting through his favorite Frequencis on ZNBC radio 2. MSRIHP and Peace to Mother Zambia.

Example #2: PK Chishala - Pali iwe Nshilala

50kwacha Uploaded on Apr 13, 2010
Selected comments from this sound file's discussion thread:
doyanaguy7168, 2010
"oh god .i was only a little girl when these songs were being played on zambia broadcasting services then.i remember my litttle brother and i playing musicians with banjos.those were the best times of my zambia one nation."

oicongodr, 2012
"i need i love...forever! money cant buy this...its wicked.PK CHISHALA FOREVER."

jlundofu, 2012. 2013
"This was one of the most complex arrangements the prof made. Good love song. The current generation make the message too brunt making some songs inappropriate for young children"

Lawrence Chilimboyi, 2015
"That bass guitar!"

Peter Lwimbo, 2015
"Classic!!! Its an amazingly great love song!!! I love it. May your soul continue to rest in peace PK…"

Example #3: Kashambala - Serenje Kalindula Band Zambia.wmv

biggerman496, Uploaded on Aug 24, 2010

zambian traditional kalindula music
Selected comments from this example's discussion thread:
Mpo Muimui, 2012
"this song is very inspirational and fun to listen to,our Zambian music has such great rhythm and melody that you can enjoy these songs daily!!!!"

Tonelly Lawley, 2012
"These song are classic which remind me of my childhood back @ home-Zambia lovely."

Anita lawino, 2012
"Original Zed music!!!!"

NoiseKidd, 2014
"What's the name of this band and the artist?"

Reply ·
busiku nkolola, 2014
"The Band is Called the Might[y] Serenje Kalindula Band. Driving us back to 80s"

Example #4: Oliya Band-Ichipasho

La Musica Africana, Published on Jul 11, 2016

Musica De Africa
The copy of this sound file which was originally embedded in this post was entitled "Oliya Band (Zambia) - Ichipasho (80's Zambian Kalindula!)". That sound file is no longer available. However, here's the summary of that sound file which was published by Elpollo Negro, Published on May 28, 2013:
"The more established musicians like Paul Ngozi (Musi-o-Tunya) took the rock-inspired electric guitar leads of Zam-rock and attached them to essential rumba beats. Instead of English, lyrics were now in local languages. Within a few years a whole new form of urban dance music had emerged, kalindula.

Kalindula was characterized by rumba style guitars and a solid, rapid-fire bass line. The drums set off at a frantic pace with the guitarists seemingly struggling to find the rhythm. Then, around 30 seconds into the song, a cooler groove emerges to provide dance floor satisfaction."
The Oliya Band started playing music in Luanshya, in Mikomfwa township at Kosapa Tavern in 1980. Their originality in playing manchancha (Kaonde traditional dance music) and kalindula explains their evergreen status in music circles. Oliya Band had a passion for the promotion of the Kaonde, the Lamba and the Bemba traditional norms and culture through music.

Members of the band were: Jackson Tiza Mwanza, Fred Chisenga, Davie Miselo Mbulo, Davies Mulenga Chisupa, Derick Malupande, Moses Lungu, Jack Mbewe and Gilbert Mali."

Example #5: you tube abakali bakali by Sansamukeni Jazz Band

Douglas Muma Mumbi, Published on Feb 17, 2015

This song has been nominated for the Zambian Music Awards, best Kalindula music album category. Kalindula is a name given to Zambia's indigenous music. you can vote for it on
Selected comments from this video's discussion thread:
Douglas Muma Mumbi, 2015
"this a new kalindula band called sansamukeni Jazz Band based in samfya and has now got two albums to its name Abakali Bakali an eight track album and Wibekesha a menso which is a ten track album with a tribute track for the late republican President Michael Chilufya Sata"

Steven de Kloe, 2015
"Do you know the coincidently exactly the same song by Serenje Kalindula Band called Abakali bakili, then?"

Steven de Kloe, 2015
If you have the Serenje Kalindula Band version of this song and you could put it on YouTube you will do humanity a favour...
Editor: I've not been able to find an example of Serenje Kalindula Band's version of this song on YouTube.

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