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Emmy Kosgei - Taunet Nelel (Kenyan Gospel Song)

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This post showcases a video of and lyrics for Kenyan Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei's Gospel song "Taunet Nelel". Information about Emmy Kosgei and information about the Kalenji people of Kenya, East Africa is also included in this post.

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Thanks to Emmy Kosgei and all those featured in this video. Special thanks to the producer of this video and the person who transcribed the lyrics of that song into English. Thanks also to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

From Emmy Kosgei – More than a Gospel Queen (True Love October 2010)
"Emmy Kosgei’s runaway success in vernacular gospel music has raised her profile and revealed a true Kenyan star....

Daughter to highly acclaimed protestant cleric Bishop Jackson Kosgei and his wife Rose, a versatile businesswoman, Emmy grew up in Mogotio in Koibatek District...

Last month she had members of parliament from all over the world on their feet and dancing when she performed at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association meeting held in Nairobi.
She can also count a number of influential Kenyans as her declared fans. And if you consider that Emmy is gospel musician who sings exclusively in Kalenjin, then all these feats become even more amazing...

Her] song ‘Taunet Nelel’… interestingly enough, was written two years ago as a patriotism-meets-Christianity song...

Emmy is not just a gospel artiste. She is also a patriot and philanthropist, and her music seems to spring from a place of healing."
Emmy Kosgei was born July 22, 1980. She received the BEFFTA* award for Best International Gospel Act - October 2013>
BEFFTA = Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television and Arts award (United Kingdom) and

"The Kalenjin are a Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting the Rift Valley Province in Kenya. They are estimated to number a little over 4.9 million individuals as per the Kenyan 2009 census numbers.[2]
… The Kalenjin are believed to have migrated to their present location from the South Sudan-Western around 2,000 years ago.

Until the early 1950s, the Kenyan peoples now known as the Kalenjin did not have a common name; they were usually referred to as the 'Nandi-speaking tribes' by scholars and colonial administration officials, a practice that ended immediately following the adoption of the collective name 'Kalenjin' (cf. Evans-Pritchard 1965)."

In the late 1940s and the early 1950s, several "Nandi-speaking" peoples united to assume the name 'Kalenjin', an expression meaning I say (to you). Due to this effort, the peoples were transformed into a major ethnic group in Kenya. The adoption of the name Kalenjin also involved a standardisation of the different dialects (Nandi,Markweta,Tugen Pogot, Keiyo, Kipsigis, and Sabaot/Sabiny) of the Kalenjin language....

According to the Kenya's 2009 census, The Kalenjin has a population of 4,967,328 people making it the third largest group in Kenya after the Kikuyu, and the Luhya.[2]"...

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Taunet Nelel - Emmy Kosgei

kalenjinz, Published on Jun 16, 2012

Produced by John Nyika
Video by Princecam Media

LYRICS: TAUNET NELEL [English lyrics from the video's subtitles]
(as sung by Emmy Kosgei)

It is a new day… new direction
No turning back, no more worries
I am doing new things

Don’t let your heart worry
Don’t be discouraged by your past.
I will turn your sorrows into joy,
Behold, I am doing new things.

I will make a way in the desert and in mighty waters
and straighten all crooked ways
I will break the iron gates
And the weapons set against you.

I will give you years of rest
I will bless your siblings in all corners of the earth
Forgiveness prevents destruction
I am Jehovah. That is my name!

It is a new day… new direction
It is a new day… new direction
It is a new day… new direction
I am doing new things


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