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Baron - "Find Yourself" and "Sweet Soca Man"

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This is Part II in a four part series of posts about the meanings of the words "sweet" and "sugar" in Soca music.

This post showcases the Calypso/Soca superstar Baron.

Part I provides information about Calypso music and Soca music. Part I also provides definitions about the various meanings of the word "sweet" in Soca music and showcases the song "Sweet Music" by by the Founder of Soca music Lord Shorty (Ras Shorty). Click for Part I of this series.

Part III showcases two recordings of songs entitled "Sweet Soca Music". Click for that post.

Part IV focuses on the various meanings of the word "sugar" and showcases a song by Calypso/Soca superstar Lord Kitchener and a song by the Soca superstar Sugar Aloe. Click for Part IV of this series

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"REAL NAME: Timothy Watkins, Jr

[Date of birth not given]

CAREER: While growing up in Bamboo Village, La Romaine, Baron sang Baptist spirituals with his parents at the church they led, and later began singing at various community events. Baron won the Scouting for Talent competition during the early 1970s and made his singing debut at the Original Young Brigade Calypso Tent in 1971, after being introduced to the management by his long-time friend, Lord Shorty, who gave the young calypsonian his trade name, Baron, and wrote his first hit, Severe Licking. Baron then performed in North America for about 13 years before returning to Trinidad in 1984"...
Example #1: Baron - The Sweet Soca Voice

Trinidadculture, Uploaded on Aug 5, 2008
As noted by a commenter to this video's viewer comment thread the title of this song is "Find Yourself".

Here's another comment from this video's viewer comment thread

"baron. sweet honeyed voice. cannot resist that voice. I enjoy going to his concerts too."
-brett12ism, 2011

Example #2: Baron - Sweet Soca Man

IsDePanInMe, Uploaded on Nov 13, 2009

Caribbean Music Awards 91...
Here are a few comments from this video's viewer comment thread:
"sweet Baron i love ur songs .i am enjoying your music"
- alasha ellis, 2013
"Love this bass part. Very cool how smooth Baron is, right over top of that cooking rhythm section, as if nothing can perturb him."
-Frodohotep, 2012

"too sweet"
-carawak1, 2011

"Dem chune will mek yuh ah diabetic!!! Sweet..Sweet..Sweet!!!!"
-K@@lruler, 2011
All of these comments are compliments.

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