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Marie Knight - I Thank You Jesus (Sure 'Nough I Do)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post is Part II of a four part series which features a sampling of some African American religious songs of thanks.

This post features a 1949 sound file & transcription of the Blues sounding Gospel song "I Thank You Jesus (Sure 'Nough I Do) by Marie Knight.

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Part IV of this series features the song "Thank You Lord (for all you've done for me). Click for that post.

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Marie Knight - I Thank You Jesus

ToonsParis, uploaded on Aug 27, 2009

My favorite Marie Knight's gospel song! 1949

(Sung by Marie Knight, 1949)

I have so much that I can thank
my, my Jesus for.
Since I have been a Christian in my God’s war.
I count my blessings one by one.
And I see what my God has done.
Then* I can say “Oh yes, I thank you Jesus,
Sure ‘nough I do.

I thank you Lord, thank you Lord.
Thank you, Jesus. Yes I thank you Lord.
I thank you Jesus for just for bein so good to me.
Yes, I coulda been dead, buried ‘neath my grave
But you made, made my enemies behave.
Then* I can say “Oh yes, I thank you Jesus,
Sure ‘nough I do.
‘Cause you brought me
from a long, ah mighty long way, Lord.
Yes, you saved, you saved my soul when I was lost.
Yes, you’ve been my mother.
Yes, you’ve been my father.
You’ve been my sister.
God knows you’ve been my brother.
Oh, then* I can say “Oh yes, I thank you Jesus,
Sure ‘nough I do.
Transcription by Azizi Powell from the sound file.

*This word may be “and”.

Please share any information you may have about this song.

Gospel & Blues Legend Marie Knight 1925-2009
...Marie [Knight] first came to prominence in 1946 when she met and started working with Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Together they would be one of the most popular gospel artists of the 1940's and make music history through a string of gospel hits including "Didn't It Rain," "Up Above My Head," and the gorgeous "Beams of Heaven." Marie Knight and Sister Rosetta Tharpe would tour frequently together through the 1950's. In the 1960's Marie had several R&B hits, but in 1970's Marie rededicated herself to Gospel music and became a minister at the Gates of Prayer Church in New York City...
Also, click for more information about Marie Knight.

Thanks to the composer/s of this Gospel song. My thanks also to Marie Knight for her legacy of music. Thanks also to the uploader of this sound file.

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