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African American & Caribbean Birthday Songs

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases eight videos of African American and Caribbean birthday songs & tunes.

The rights to these songs remain with their owners.

Happy Birthday!

Video #1: Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday

Uploaded by johnniewalker23 on Dec 9, 2007
1980 - Hotter Than July

Video #2: michael jackson Happy Birthday Lisa.flv

Uploaded by ludludodu30 on Jun 26, 2010

c t un dieu sur terre god bless michael jackson

Video #3: Happy Birthday (Reggae Version)

Uploaded by MultiBencao on Aug 14, 2011
Happy Birthday To You (Reggae Version)

Video #4: Happy Birthday Jamaica Jimmy Cliff

Uploaded by jahbuzzz on Dec 12, 2009

Video #5: Omari Ferrari - Birthday Song (Soca 2010)

Uploaded by CanchozI on May 4, 2010

Video #6: Phase II - BIRTHDAY PARTY

Glenroy Joseph, Uploaded on Jul 7, 2009

Panorama Finals 1993.

Len "Boogsie" Sharpe's arrangement of Super Blue's "Birthday Party"(music by Boogsie) was beaten into second place by Jit's arrangement of Kitch's " Mystery Band".

This performance by Phase II Pan Groove at Panorama Finals 1993 is one of my all time favorites. and I think the finals results are another of those judgment calls...

Video #7: Jimi Hendrix - Happy birthday

erowley462, Uploaded on Aug 24, 2011

Funki Jimi

Audio: Curtis Knight w/ Jimi Hendrix
Video: WattStax

No Hendrix wasn't at this concert . It is merely a mash up of two mediums and designed to be a birthday card to myself :-)

Video #8: The Best Birthday Songs

Uploaded by VITAMO01 on Dec 4, 2010
A Birthday Mix Tribute by Dj Vitamo of Express Entertainment. A compilation of some of the best Birthday songs. Happy Birthday To You All and may you have many many more wonderful Birthdays. This Birthday mix was created especially for the Sagittarius but the songs are great for any zodiac. There are many good birthday songs and these are just a few of the best. Stevie Wonder made a Birthday Song tribute for Martin Luther King, R.Kelly step in the name of love is a great bitrhday song, Sixteen Candles by the Crests is also a good one and Solomon Burke's Today is your birthday has a good blues feel to it. There are many renditions for birthday songs that can make you feel great when your special day comes around. Enjoy

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