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Kassav Forever! (Four Videos Of Kassav's Zouk Music )

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Kassav' - Oh Madiana

Uploaded by hermespty on Feb 7, 2011

This post provides information & four videos of Zouk music performed by the band Kassav'. The title of this post is from a viewer's comment found in one of the featured videos.

Because I don't speak French, and have never lived live in an area where there are any French speaking people (who I know of), I regret to say that I have just learned about Zouk music. I definitely intend to learn more about this huge music genre.

"Zouk is a style of rhythmic music originating from the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe & Martinique…
Zouk’s origins can be traced back to the West Indies, having come out of the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique in the early to mid-1980’s...

The word “zouk” comes from the Creole word meaning “party”...

Music authors Charles De Ledesma and Gene Scaramuzzo trace zouk's development to the Guadeloupean gwo ka and Martinican bèlè (tambour and ti bwa) folk traditions. Ethnomusicologist Jocelyn Guilbault, however, describes zouk as a synthesis of Caribbean popular styles, especially Dominica cadence-lypso, Guadeloupean biguine, and Haitian cadence. Zouk arose in the late 1970s and early 1980s, using elements of previous styles of Antillean music, as well as imported genres.

The leading band to emerge from this period was Kassav', who came from Guadeloupe and Martinique. They gave the style a pan-Caribbean sound by taking elements from compas, reggae, and salsa music, and became one of the most famous bands of the genre in the world. Kassav' was formed in 1979 by Pierre-Edouard Décimus, a long-time professional musician who worked with Freddy Marshall. Together, the two of them decided to take carnival music and make it a more modern and polished style. Their first album, Love and Ka Dance (1980), established the sound of zouk...

Zouk influence has been felt in Brazilian lambada and other Caribbean styles like, bouyon, soca and combined rhythm, as well as African styles such as soukous, makossa, Kuduro, Semba, Coupe-Decale, mbalax, Gumbe, coladeira, and funana...

Zouk béton or Chiré is the original and the only real zouk. Zouk is very rhythmic, in creole it qualifies this music (moving a lot). This particular rhythm are in the songs of carnaval and it is danced usually without a partner. The Zouk béton or Zouk Chiré was popularized by Kassav during the years, but it has lost ground due to the success of zouk Love, which is indistinguishable from compas, the main music of the French Islands. The "Zouk béton" or "Chiré" style has become a part of Kuduro - an uptempo, energetic, and danceable type of music and dance from Angola."
According to that Wikipedia article, "there are different styles of zouk music, including the subgenres Zouk love – Kizomba (from Angola)- Cabo love (from Cape Verde), and the Fusion genres Zouk-lambada - Cola-zouk - Zouk R&B - Zouk chouv.

The regional scenes for zouk are French West Indies, Haiti, West Africa, France, and Portugal"

Click' for more information about the band Kassav'

Video #1: Kassav' - Oh Madiana
This video is posted at the top of this page.

Video #2: Kassav - Sé Ou Mwen Inmé

Uploaded by kassav97 on Aug 17, 2007
Extrait du concert de Jocelyne Beroard et Jacob Desvarieux sur l'officiel de Kassav

Video #4: Kassav Jocelyne [title: vini séré]

Uploaded by alexcvs on May 10, 2007
This is the real musicccccccc...kassav the best

[The vocalist is Jocelyne Beroard]

"She's talking the ultimate love a mother feels for her child. She feels the need to hide her child in her arms to protect him from the world. It's heartwarming and heartbreaking."
-6677dede,, 2010

Video #4: KASSAV : Ballad kréyole + Bel kréati + Kolé séré + se'w mwen inmé

Uploaded by chrishopCS4 on Oct 4, 2010

[a medley of love songs]

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