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Marching For Jesus - Black Church Processions Part II

Edited by Azizi Powell

Sunday Morning Baptist Church Choir Processional

Uploaded by tdavidray on Aug 20, 2008

This is Part II of a four part post on Black Church Processions. Part II features videos of African American & Canadian church processionals at the beginning of the worship service and during the church offering portion of the service.

Click for Part 1 of this series (Commentary about Black church processionals).

Click for Part III of this series (Processional of Church nurses, ushers, and other church groups).

Click for Part IV of this series (African church processionals).

These videos are showcased for their historical, sociological, aesthetic, and/or spiritual values. I selected these particular videos because they appealed to me and/or because I consider them to be representative of a certain style of Black processional.

[These videos are posted in no particular order.]

Video #1: Sunday Morning Baptist Church Choir Processional

This video is found at the top of this page.

Here's the video uploader's comment:
"A traditional baptist church standard: the choir procession. This is the Second Free Mission Baptist Church Mass Choir in 1994 in New Orleans, LA."

Video #2: Friendship AME Church Choir Processional -"Have Your Way, Lord"

ACTS27 | June 08, 2009

"This church is located in Columbia, SC (South Carolina) . Check out our webpage @

Video #3: It's Time" CBC Male Choir

uploaded by Grebon007 on Jul 8, 2007

The Cornerstone Baptist Church male choir of Williamston,North Carolina marching in for service.

Video #4: Choir Entrance

Uploaded by garyholmz on Oct 9, 2007

Price AME 60th Anniversary Service

Editor: "AME" = African Methodist Episcopal. I'm not sure where this church is located.
Here are two comments from that YouTube video's viewer comment thread:

they dont do it like this anymore! Go yawl!!!! I love it!
-CrazEPraze; 2008
I agree.I was just thinking about how it's changed ALOT!!. I haven't seen this in megachurches either. I'm sure that there are some churches that still keeping it going!
-destined4mo; 2008

Video #5: FUTC Mass Choir Marching

Uploaded by futc425 on Jan 20, 2008

FUTC Mass Choir marching for Offering. The choir is well known for their march!

Editor: This Apostolic church is the First United Tabernacle of Jesus Christ in Orange, New Jersey

Video #6: FUTC Mass Choir Marching (part 2)

Uploaded by futc425 on Jan 20, 2008

The FUTC Mass Choir marching during offering. The choir is well known for their march.
Editor: Here's a link to the third video in this series in which the choir sings the same song that they have marched to:

Video #7: Offering time @ Abiezer (View the choir in action) [Canada]

Uploaded by 1baw2009 on Apr 13, 2009

Abiezer Pentecostal Church: 96 Milvan Drive Toronto, Canada--It's offering time @ Abiezer (This is how we do it every Sunday.)
Note that several viewers on this video's viewer comment thread indicated that this is the way that their apostalic church choirs in Jamaica marched for offerings. One viewer also mentioned that this is also the way her choir in England marched for the offering and another viewer wrote that this is the way choirs sing and march in Africa:

...This reminds me sooooooo much of old time church in Jamaica. I miss that sound and the choir marching in. The anointing that used to proceed the marching of the choir was phenomenal.
-Jamaicanchocolate34; 2011
The choir marches very similar to Bishop Allison's church in Jamaica (Oakland Road) - love it
-yetp; 2010
"I need words." PLEASE This is awesome! They dance like this is Africa when they give. Maybe if we do this in our Church the people will look forward to giving time.
csneed02; 2010
Now this is what u call chrch. I grew up in Bethal Apostolic dis brings bak memories
-Pitb0l ; 2009
Bethel Apostolic in Jamaica,if so,which branch??
-MsRae19; 2009
No in England Bishop Dunns church
-Pitb0l; 2009

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