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Children & Adult Adaptations Of The "I Love Coffee" Rhyme

Edited by Azizi Powell

I came across this video of the children's song "I Love Ice Cream" while my three year old granddaughter and I searched Youtube looking for nice pre-school songs:

The Calendar Song - Kids + Children Learn English Songs

Uploaded by wearebusybeavers on Nov 17, 2008

...Sometimes known as "The Ice Cream Song", this song aims to teach the days of the week and the months of the year. Everyone loves ice cream!! Billy and Betty Beaver love ice cream every day of the year. Have fun teaching and learning with this song but BE CAREFUL! You'll be singing it all day long!
You can download an mp3 of this song for free from our website here
My granddaughter Sarah and I both love this song. And I agree with the uploader's statement that not only is the song a great teaching tool for the days of the week and the months of the year, but it has a nice, catchy slow Bluesey-like tune.

But there was something about the words of the song, if not the tune itself that bugged me. While I listened to that "I Love Ice Cream" song, I tried to figure out what other song it reminded me of. I thought I had heard another song like it, but for the life of me, couldn't come up with what song it was.

And then, at 2 am this morning I had an "Ureka!" moment. For some reason, I was awake at that time. And for some reason, it occurred to me that the title "I Love Ice Cream" was almost the same as the title to the children's rhyme "I Love Coffee. I Love Tea".

Here's a video of children playing a handclap game while singing a version of that rhyme:

Sesame Street: Handclapping Chants

SesameStreet | March 27, 2009

As soon as I made the connection between the "I Love Ice Cream" song and the "I Love Coffee. I Love Tea" rhyme, I though to this 1940s "Pop" song:

the ink spots- java jive

Uploaded by tomovox on Jul 17, 2010

The amazing Ink Spots!

Anyone for coffee?

All this goes to show that creativity isn't limited to any decade or any age group, and creative connections can be found when you least expect them.


Click for a version of "I Love Coffee" which was included in Thomas W. Talley's 1922 book Negro Folk Rhymes: Wise & Other Wise

Click for multiple examples of the rhyme "I Love Coffee. I Love Tea". That rhyme is also known as "I Like Coffee. I Like Tea", and "Down Down Baby".

Click for the pancocojams post "Racialized Versions Of "I Like Coffee I Like Tea"

Click for the lyrics to "Java Jive"

The lyrics to "I Love Ice Cream" are superimposed on that video.

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