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"Black Boy" - Coloured Stone (Video & Lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases the 1984 Australian song "Black Boy" by the group "Coloured Stone".

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My thanks to the band "Coloured Stone" for composing and performing this song. My thanks also to the producers of these videos and the video uploader.

(by Bunna Lawrie)

Verse 1:
A shy Black boy you came to the city.
To learn about life and how his people are ???
He's very stubborn. He's just a child.
And now his life is mystified.

Black boy, Black boy,
Black boy, Black boy,
The color of your skin is your pride & joy.
Black boy, Black boy,
Black boy, Black boy,
Your life is not destroyed.

Verse #2
He didn't know the school. But they called him Black boy.
He hardly talked to the girls & boys.
Don't be a fool. Just obey the rules.
Cause you'll just learn the truth.


Verse #3
And one day you'll grow up to be a man,
To learn & live & understand
Sticks & stones may break your bones
But names will never hurt you.
You'll be the one who's having fun.
So you just keep learning on.


[Transcription by Azizi Powell, 2011; Transcription help and corrections welcome.]


Coloured Stone - Black Boy (1984)

Uploaded by nzoz1984 on Aug 17, 2007
Music from Australia and New Zealand in the year 1984:

Coloured Stone's promo-video for the hit single 'Black Boy'.

Excerpt from that Wikipedia page:

"Coloured Stone is a band from the Koonibba Mission, west of Ceduna, South Australia...

The original Coloured Stone band members were three brothers, Bunna Lawrie (drums & lead vocals), and Neil Coaby (rhythm guitar & backing vocals) and Mackie Coaby (bass & backing vocals), and their nephew, Bruce (aka Bunny) Mundy (lead guitar & backing vocals). All are from the mission settlement of Koonibba, South Australia. Bunna Lawrie is the leader and singer of the band and he was also their original drummer.

Bunna Lawrie is also a member and respected elder of the Mirning Aboriginal tribe from the Coastal Nullabor, South Australia. He is a songman, whale dreamer songman, medicine man and story teller of his tribe. He is Coloured Stone’s founding member and chief song writer.

The band's single, "Black Boy" was a success when first released in 1984 -it became the number one song in Fiji and it sold 120,000 copies...

The lyrics of "Black Boy" included the line "Black boy, black boy, the color of your skin is your pride and joy," which was a somewhat revolutionary sentiment for Aboriginals of Australia in the 1980s."

This video, lyric transcription, and a few selected comments from this video's comment thread can be found on this page of my website

I thought about this song after writing this comment on an astrology blog:

"I realize that I’m fighting an uphill battle regarding very common word usage, but I ask that folks here to please be mindful of the conflating of the terms “hate and dark” , “dark & dirty” and “[people's own] darkness” with fear of and prejudice toward people with dark skins.

The use of such terms and equating them with Black skinned people and brown skinned people is multiple centuries old throughout the world, including in religious and folk beliefs before Christianity, and including early (and later) Chrisitianity. [For comments on this, here’s a link to a 2009 discussion thread that I started on the folk/blues website Mudcat Cafe: The Devil The Color Black]

If astrologers choose to use “dark vs light” instead of terms such as “negative” vs “positive”, I ask that you PLEASE be aware of the frequently used negative associations of those with regard to races/ethnicitity and the really negative consequences that conflation those terms have had and continue to have for groups & individuals.
-Azizi;; 6/14/2012

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